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This blog was made to give a little insight into my head. Dj and producer originally from ATL, now reside in Chicago. I make house club mixes and Dj parties and clubs. This page was made to exhibit my apparent ADHD and constant addiction to Djing and music production.

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First ever beatport release!

Anonymous said: Where can I find your gig info!?!

you can find any of my gig stuff at : )

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Samus Aran by *juliedillon


Samus Aran by *juliedillon

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Only need to use this for a mere 5 minutes before I realize why i stopped posting on here. Just half naked women, drugs, & retarded meme’s. ¬†Whatever i gotta finish this remix for a record label i might as well work on this now fml i dont want to get up and get my headphones

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Just realized how i never get on Tumblr anymore. I don’t have the time with this tour going on & shit. Just got so busy. You can add me on FB tho too keep in touch with me : )

Oh btw I met Axwell from Swedish House Mafia & Mord Fustang yesterday. Both great guys! - Personal Facebook

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