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This blog was made to give a little insight into my head. Dj and producer originally from ATL, now reside in Chicago. I make house club mixes and Dj parties and clubs. This page was made to exhibit my apparent ADHD and constant addiction to Djing and music production.

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Check out my first youtube dj video

I’m entering in a contest for DJTT. This is my demo for the new Traktor Kontrol S2

Go watch and leave a comment please!! Thanks

I will be perforing at Dirbies 1155 Hammond. 21+ come out and say hi :) Yeah I was supposed to go out to Dallas and represent this other ent company for this other thing, but they switched me at the last minute. Wtf right? Lolz. But want to know the really cool thing? The dude that ran the ent company was like the 2005 or 2004(cant remember which) WORLD DMC DJ champion. Isn’t that crazy yo! Sl we talked a minute about the event and a little about me and he wants me to send him over some stufff..

I just think its wild that I talked to a World DMC DJ champion. In order to win that, you have to have dedication yo!

Jay says this is cool.    I guess I agree

-Dj Kave

Jay says this is cool. I guess I agree

-Dj Kave

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