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This blog was made to give a little insight into my head. Dj and producer originally from ATL, now reside in Chicago. I make house club mixes and Dj parties and clubs. This page was made to exhibit my apparent ADHD and constant addiction to Djing and music production.

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I just like too rollface and Dj parties and clubs

And $

Nothing else interests me right now

As I’ve gotten older…

Life has become much more complicated. But much more fun at the same time. I’ve also noticed I’ve started to hang out with people just my age or older. I guess its a maturity thing or something. People that im around just seem to be more focused on what we want to do with our lives.

I’ve also noticed people change a lot more. Their not always going too remain the person you like. They might actually change and end up being the person you hate the most. 

Life moves our paths around in mysterious ways. 

I’m liking being 20. 

-Dj Kave

I haven’t been on my Tumblr lately, I’ve been really busy running around the city doing stuff. And with music as always. I’ve been really busy helping my friend Jay on his new EP following up the album, so much that my own independent projects have started to suffer from lack of attention. 

However, on a much cooler note, I will be featured on the new album AND EP as assistant producer for helping master and design the tracks. Oh and I might be singing over one the songs too. 

Me adding my style gave the songs a little ‘house’ type of feel.

Those rolls I got the other day were the SHIT. Dude I was so fucked up. I should post the video of me on the train that night at like 4 in the morning. The night I was rolling me and some friends were coming back from this party, and at 2 in the morning right by the stadium we saw this girl get hit by a car. And I mean she got smashed, she flew at least 10 feet and landed face down in the water. Everybody stopped for a second…and they actually did nothing! After a couple moments me and my friends hopped out of the taxi to try and help the girl, and the car that hit her sped the fuck off. Man that was a crazy night.

I should upload that video of that party that me and DJ Deficiency Dj’d.

I leave for Atlanta in less than a week. I think im gonna start taking over there too. I’m gonna go around the city and find a couple of places that throw really good parties, and start djing hard in the city. Just for fun.

-Dj Kave